An Anecdote on How Ayurmana Changed My Life Within Three Weeks


A life of an IT professional revolves around the office and home. Like thousands of other, my day starts with going to the office and coming back home after a long hard day. Wrapped in the busy schedule, I never even realised when had I been engulfed by depression. Work-related stress can take a severe toll on the body and mind of a person. Deadlines and long working hours had a same effect on me. Before realising, the tensions from my workplace seeped into my personal life. It affected my sleep, my health. I could not sleep at night and got into the habit of excessive smoking and drinking, so much so that I almost started behaving like an addicted. After coming home from work, I started having headaches almost regularly. A friend of mine suggested me to go to Ayurmana for a few weeks. I had never even heard about the place before and hence, was a sceptic. After he advised me, I gave it a thought to at least get information about the place.

My condition was worsening so much that I decided to set my priorities right. The amount of work pressure we need to deal with in our daily lives is huge. In fact, I was slowly succumbing to pain in my spinal cord due to sitting for a long time. Neglecting my back pain was becoming a rising problem. I slowly realised that the depression was turning into a chronic one. During the weekends, I did not feel like going out or socialising. Due to the friend’s pressure, as a last resort, I finally decided to check the Ayurmana review while sitting in office. Everyone been there had given best feedbacks and I was convinced to try out the place. I thought to myself that if not anything else, at least I would get to have a vacation for three weeks.

Journey to Ayurmana

I was sceptic throughout the entire time. My friend repeatedly tried to convince me about the healing power of the place, but I had my fair share of doubts. How could a place famous for Ayurvedic medicine cure me of my depression and my back pain when several doctors could not? Anyway, I arrived at Thiruvananthapuram Railway Station where three members from Ayurmana came to welcome me. Kerala is known to be the home for some of the best healers of the world. The place was located on top of Dharmagiri Hills, and within half an hour, we reached there. I had come across golden feedbacks about the serenity of the place in the Ayurmana reviews previously. I could not believe my eyes as I stood on top of the hills; the view from up there was beyond words.


I was then taken to my cottage. The very first thing that impressed me was the fact that they did not haggle me much about check-in securities. I asked them about security measures, and the receptionist calmly said to me that anyone whatsoever can seek treatment here! Moreover, the tranquillity of the place is so peaceful that you feel half of your problems vanishing without any treatment. The magic of Ayurmana impressed me within the first hour of the arrival! The most unique part about this place was that the doctors insisted to be addressed as healers as they believed in becoming friends with the patients first and then healing them.

People went there with different problems. Some had weight issues, while some suffered from chronic depression. The doctors and healers attended to everybody individually and the whole process was done with such personal care, just as rightly mentioned in the Ayurmana review. Rejuvenated after seeing everything, I could not wait to start my own treatment.

The Advent of the Healing Process

The next day, my treatment started with an elaborate planning from my healer. She gave me a chart of what to do when, and to my utter astonishment, I found that my course of three weeks was packed with activities. The very first thing that I had to attend to was a counselling session. Never in my wildest imagination had I ever thought that back pain could be healed with counselling! However, in the Ayurmana reviews, I had come across quite some feedbacks about the effectiveness of one-on-one counselling sessions. Initially, I felt a bit reserved to share my worries with a complete stranger. But the healer slowly talked me into my comfort zone, and before realising, I was pouring out my worries and stresses to her. Later, she told me that half of our problems were due to this, and I felt relatively lighter after talking to her. However, I had to repeat the session every alternate day for the coming three weeks.

The next day started with a relief massage. I had been to spas before but never have I ever, felt this relaxed. The healer informed me that all my muscle spasms would be taken care of and the toxins would be pumped out. The warm oil had medicinal properties and relaxed me to a great extent. Besides, it seemed that Ayurmana was quite famous for the masseurs! I almost used to go off to sleep each time I had to go for the massages! The oil that was applied to my back. I cannot express in words, had such a calming effect on me, almost to the extent of relaxing my nerves throughout the entire body.

Another big reason for my problem was my unhealthy lifestyle. I resorted to junk foods, smoking and alcohol day after day to relieve myself of the stress. The dieticians gave me a strict diet and advised me to steer clear of all the toxic substances. I did not even realise how fast the three weeks passed. Staying true to the glorious Ayurmana review, my problems vanished within the stipulated time. In fact, even after resuming my normal lifestyle, I never went back to the unhealthy lifestyle and has been living well since then


Ayurmana- The Best Place to Heal Your Migraine


Severe headache has been my companion since last three years. To reduce its effects, I often took medical pills and painkillers. Nothing worked that much, rather the situation worsened. Finally, I decided to go for a medical checkup. The result was not so shocking, and I was diagnosed with migraine. Despite the medication, I failed to get a permanent relief of the pain. The intensity of the pain increased and I became highly sensitive to light and sound. This issue brought further changes to my body like, irritable mood, insufficient sleep, depression, anxiety and more.
Next, what I decided to do is find a permanent solution to this pain. I did not want to suffer lifelong, and took the help of internet to look for clinics and solutions that can put an end to this chronic ache. Somehow, through intense research I came across a name Ayurmana, considered as the best and finest Ayurvedic hospital in Kerala.
After studying the website of Ayurmana and going through its reviews, I thought to give a try. The Ayurmana reviews definitely gave me a new hope as there are many who have been saved by the ayurvedic practitioners. I called them, talked about my problem and the next morning I took a flight to Trivandrum, Kerala.

How Ayurmana changed my life?

I flew down to Kerala, and I was welcomed by a friendly driver. He took me to Dharmagiri, which literally took my breath away. Located at the top of a serene and peaceful hillock, Dharmagiri has its own charm and it lets you enter a new world. Spreading across 2 acres of spectacular hill country, you get to enjoy lush green landscape and bird songs at the dawn. This quiet ambiance offers the perfect location to take away all your pain and stress away.

Upon reaching Dharmagiri, I received a warm welcome from the cordial staff who directly escorted me to my cottage without any delay. After enjoying a cup of tea and refreshing nap, I was invited to meet my healer. The first meeting with my physician lasted for around 40 minute, and she put special stress knowing about my lifestyle.
She reviewed my health records and asked different questions related to my physical and emotional health. My healer discussed my health goals and jotted down a detail chart of my treatment so that the results can be achieved within a specific time. As my headaches used to last for hours and sometimes days, I was asked to attend therapies in the morning, noon and even in the night. I was generally called in a dark room because I was highly sensitive to flashes of light. Calm and quiet environment was generally considered the best for my treatment.

Ayurmana makes the most use of its herbal plants and creates oils and formulations from its ingredients. The herbal medicines and supplements are freshly prepared to ensure the quality and efficacy. In many cases, when the condition worsens, prayer and collective energy are infused in the treatment. However, in my case, this was not required. Regular massage and therapies worked the best for my case. Apart from this, Ayurmana cuisine is worth mentioning. Dharmagiri serves vegetarian food that is delicious, yet easy to digest. In order to reduce any of your physical problem, the first thing you need to mend is your diet.

Though, there was no such diet restrictions in my case, I was suggested to have healthy and wholesome food which are light. Additionally, I was advised to take part in everyday yoga and meditation, which are offered by the experienced masters. The daily session further supported my healing process and made me feel relaxed after every class. I started noticing positive changes in the pain and sensitivity. The throbbing and pulsating pain on one side of my head were reduced to a great extent.

The pain that lasted for hours did not stay that long. The intensity of the pain reduced, and the sensitivity to bright light was lessened to a great extent. I became happier, and the more I stayed, the more lively I became. I cannot thank more to Ayurmana for bringing such positive changes in me. My stay for two weeks in Dharmagiri have provided me the best experience of my life. Not only it healed my issue but also made me physically fit and active. If you are looking for an overall positive changes in your body, Ayurmana should be an ideal choice for you.

Why did I choose Ayurmana?

Home to legendary Ayurvedic healers and therapists for the last nine generations, Ayurmana has let me explore deep and profound healing and attaining the highest possible quality of life. The ancient curative methods along with the therapist’s approach to harness the healing powers of your body, totally works in favour of your body and mind. Ayurmana holds a history of healing people over several centuries and is considered the best Ayurvedic hospital in Trivandrum, Kerala.

Run by Dharma Ayurveda and set in a serene ambiance, this distinguished surrounding offers powerful cures to severe and chronic issues. Ayurmana works its magic on my mind, body and soul, and its time proven methods are definitely going to provide fast and long-lasting cure. The friendly team of Ayurvedic doctors, who helped me are immensely talented and made my healing experience smooth and seamless.
When I returned back to my town, the changes reflected in my body and soul. The depressed and the anxious attitude changed to a positive one. I could concentrate more on my work and lead a proper social life. It was no more a hurdle for me to go out in bright sunlight. The other symptoms associated with migraine vanished from time to time. I recommend Ayurmana to each and everyone. The ayurvedic treatments do work as a wonder.