How Ayurmana Helped to Reduce My Migraine Issues

Hello everyone. My name is Karthik Vijayan and today I want to share an incredible story with you. It deals with how I got rid of my migraine problems. A well known ayurvedic clinic named Ayurmana came to my rescue. If you are currently suffering from such issues, I hope this brief account of my experience can help you out.

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My Journey Down The Ayurmana Path Gave Me My Hair Back

While searching for ways to stay young and look beautiful, we end up trying various products, which in turn, leads us down the way of regret and disappointment. It barely matters what kind of products we choose – herbal or organic. Products that keep changing constantly aren’t trustworthy. My problem started with the constant use of such products until I decided to change to Ayurmana.

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Are You Suffering From Excessive Hair Fall?


Hair fall is one of the most common issues faced by people across the world. With my growing age, my hair also started falling very badly. I used to feel literally afraid of combing, washing and oiling my hair as I knew it would result in massive hair fall. The loss of tresses on a daily basis made me very frustrated. I used several products on my hair as suggested by the doctors but there was no improvement in the condition. When I was advancing towards baldness, I thought it was high time to take a drastic step.

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Suffering With Back/Neck Pain? Ayurmana: The Only Destination

Hello, I am Khushi Mehra. An office goer, working in Private Sector hailing from Delhi, India! Here I share my Ayurmana Review with the hope that at least this will come to help for people suffering similar health issues that I used to suffer once!

Neck and back pains are one of the common problems that our generation face. This further gets worse with the work pressure we need to deal with in our corporate lives. Similarly, I am not an exception in this case. I, too, have become the victim of neck and back pains, that affected my mood, as well as giving rise to other health issues.

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Ayurmana Review: My Few Weeks of Healing at Ayurmana

Work related stress can take a toll on anyone’s physical and emotional well being. Long working hours and steep deadlines did the same to me. The unhappiness of my professional burdens carried over to my personal life too. This was the time when I needed to set my priorities straight. Something needed to be done to address my stress related issues. I needed to break free from the never-ending downward spiral of my troubles.

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